Xplore Vienna 2013

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Play Party

The Aristocracy of Desire


Our fabulous Xplore Play Party is the climex of each Festival on the Art of Lust.

As the Play Party is accessable only for Xplore participants, a special familiar atmosphere will take place where the usual fears of contacts will be quickly thrown overboard and playful intimacy will grow.

It's a party for S/M - play and performance.  There is a lot of space for creativity, communication and graceful appearance.

Experience is not required, but the desire to get some.

We do not have the usual play furnitures, dark corners or obsequious staff.

Social skills and graceful attitude are appreciated. You do not need to have S/M experience, but you should wish to make it.

Music is subdued, mostly electronic, sometimes complex.
Dresscode: Elegant - Fetish - Fantasy - Glamour.

We would like to underline, that we are very keen on extravagant outfits and costumes. We would like to maintain the magical yet communicative athmosphere at the event and therefore strongly recommend spectacular or elegant dressing up, if you wish to attend.


Sunday from 10 p.m. till dawn...

PLEASE be on time!! Entrance only during the first 60 minutes between 10 and 11 p.m.!!!

Access only for official registered participants of Xplore Vienna