Xplore Vienna 2013

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Fräulein Seltsam


Her Workshop:

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Media Studies, obsessed with films and books. Currently to be found somewhere around Hamburg or Vienna. Against emotional and intellectual standstill. Pro self-consciousness. Relationship-form of choice: Non-hierarchical polyamory. Sexpositive culture: Spread the word!




Penetrationfräulein seltsam-WS

In this workshop we will first share thoughts about physical and emotional boundaries. One possible goal is, to develop or enhance a feeling of said boundaries and to connect to our personal need for distance or closeness.

Which circumstances and rules govern the creation of our boundaries? Which of our boundaries are conciously chosen, which boundaries are we „expected“ to have, for example to live up to our society’s expectations? How do we develop our feelings of „this is ok“, „this is unethical“, „this is gross“? Do we grasp or feel the invisible boundaries we submit to and how do we benefit and lose from following those unwritten "rules of conduct"? Who or what is safekept or protected by us setting boundaries?

In the second part, we will use practical exercise to practise our skills of defending and explaining our boundaries, especially in sexual situations. Which role does shame or guilt play? What about „not being rude“, or being afraid of rejection? How do I feel when a stranger’s fingers slip through my hair? Is my right of „saying No“ omnipresent und unrestricted, always? How to say I don’t like one thing, am bored by that thing, want more of this, not now, but later? How to signal rejection or appreciation of closeness, firmly, respectfully? How to say No, how to say YES?

Third and last part of the workshop will concern the playing with and consensual breaking through boundaries in the safe place we hope to have created together by then. Which forms of penetrations are there, how do we react to penetration physically and/or emotionally, what forms may the relationship between "passive" and "active" part take?

I will provide basic ideas and games (Be aware – kinkster! ;-)), but it will be up to you in which direction you wish to go (out of the door will always be an option too of course!).

Whether you decide to be double penetrated, fed with sweets, want to give a massage or tell a secret to a stranger, is totally up to you. Your choice. There will, however, certainly be place for any kind of ensuing orgies, if desired.

Playing with boundaries can be fun, scary, sexy or adventurous – but it always raises awareness of yourself and your choice to choose.