Xplore Vienna 2013

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Deva Bhusha


Her Workshops:

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Deva Bhusha  is living, loving, playing and searching in the big wide field of bodywork, of tantric massage, of rituals and of erotic dance since 2005. The attentiveness has however been moving away from the technical point, more and more to the simplified and attendant touching.

Trough the enlargement and development of the bondage- and SMantra-massages she has been exploring her passion for kinky playfulness. Since 2010 she is organising workshops in Bavaria titled "Tantra meets BDSM" and is inviting different workshop-leaders in order to search together with her out of pure curiosity.




SMantric Touching

In this workshop we let us sink deeply into a SMantric playfulness, together with an appreciated touch in different ways. Away from action swaying into existence, communication by touching, holding, sinking in, gentle and hard melting together. With the finger, the hand, the arm, the body, with the rope or the whip touching the soul deeply inside. To devote oneself und also making devotion possible... is becoming an altogether exploring and touching togetherness...

Please bring with you:
At least one - but better several SM-tools



The Present

We are going to offer us, nicely tied and packed, will be presented or can unpack a living present.

Please bring with you: :
At least one - but better several bondage ropes (i.e. diameter 6 to 8 millimetre length approximately 8 meter per rope).