Xplore Vienna 2013

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Ousia: A student of the University of Vienna with a strong connection to the elements, especially air and water. Apnoe-diver with several years of experience as a member of the Austrian National Team 2005. Trained as a emergency paramedic with more than ten years of experience.




Schizophrenic Drowning

In this workshop every participant will voluntarily dunk their face into a basin of water and submerse themselves self-determined but voluntarily. Every participant will engage in the struggle of wanting to get mouth and nose out of the water, but still voluntarily stay under water for a bit longer.
During preparation it will be explained how every participant can keep him/herself from surfacing and how it will feel to fight bodily against it. During the whole process, the participant only has control over the amount of time, their face will stay under water.
If the decision is made, to take the face out of the water, it will immediately be possible without the influence of any other person. The whole process will be supervised in case of a participant showing a very strong will fighting themselves.