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Stoffl - Disenchanted idealist with a slight inclination for melancholy, perfectionism and esthetics. The academic alumnus of food safety and concept-zealot engages himself since years in the field of psychological aspects of D/s relationships and all coherent forms of shaping a submissive partner. In addition to idiosyncratic and non-conservative rope"art" he studies the different approaches of BDSM as well as alternative and additional ways of stimulation.




D/s - Forms of Forming

stoffl-WS If we talk about D/s (dominance and submission) we often force a long-established stereotype of a setting of "The Story of O" in our minds. D/s, however, is much more than unquestioned obedience and eternal suffering for the oh so great master. D/s can be a wonderful journey of shaping the submissive partner. This involves much more than a book-based foundation. It assumes that the partners know each other, trust each other and are willing to invest a lot of hard and exhausting work, but in most cases it turns to account.

Domination and submission, the exchange of power from one person to another, represents the real thrill in this case. Crop, cane, flogger, etc. are thus merely tools that can be freely exchanged. The real kick in D/s occurs in one's head and is developing - depending on the partners - to an even greater lot, which should of course be monitored and controlled. The one who knows how to direct his submissive partner in the desired manner and form, becomes the director of his own lust.

The role of the submissive partner is also very often underestimated. The submissive partner is far more than the plaything of his opponent. In a constellation of a D/s relationship she/he is as challenged as the dominant part and very often it fails because of the setting or the basic idea and not because of the lack of ingenuity of the "master". It takes a great deal of respect and pride to take this role and to develop it.

This workshop is about the forms of forming a submissive partner. We'll first highlight the diverse foundations of a D/s relationship, whether it is 24/7 or activated when required and wanted. We'll look at the numerous ways of D/s away from "The Story of O" and offer the opportunity to experience this for yourself. Of course we'll talk about the feelings of pride and respect of the submissive partner. Then we devote ourselves to the issue of the formation. We'll work with different tools that bring our partners to do what we want. We'll also discuss possibilities of long-term planning of a specific D/s-based target. For this we'll use concept techniques. The workshop will include many conversations and discussions, but the practical part should not be neglected as well.