Recommended Accommodation in the neighborhood of the WUK:

cheap hostel - 100 meter from WUK:
Alibi Hostel Vienna - Wilhelm Exner-Gasse 4 - 1090 Vienna, Telefon: +,
mobile: +
Hostel with 2, 3 and Dormitory. kitchen and internet access

hostel to reach the WUK by metro:

Wombats City Hostel – The Lounge - Mariahilfer Strasse 137 - 1150 Wien, Telefon: +, Fax: +

a second Wombats Hostel is located directly in the main shopping area of Vienna...

close and affordable hotel:

cheap, not as close, but still in the vicinity, but: queer owners: (the cheapest Hotel inside the inner part of the town)

another addresse for affordable accommodation:
but traffic wise quite bad located, this one is better:


another possibilities besides the big lodging search-portals:

Alos another option: