Xplore Vienna 2013

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Susanna Wacha


Her Workshop:

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Susanna Wacha loves to touch people: with her hands and sometimes with words. She knew from her early ages on, to have chosen this body to savour the highs and lows of being human, to learn – and to remember that the heart's desire she is longing for is not to be found in the ephemeral...
So she exchanges the external security more and more for limitless, fulfilling uncertainity.

Susanna is a Craniosacral Practitioner, Meditation tutor (by R.Dahlke), Body-Practitioner focussing on Meridian & Chakra-treatments, sensual relaxing massage, cosmetician, Waldorf-teacher, Watertherapist and Mum.




Surrender beyond Emotions.jpg

We combine sexual energy with simple massage and craniosacral techniques

- we let us guide from the wave movements of the craniosacral system - without touching the genital area, it will be intimate, sensual, erotic ...

- we touch, stroking, kneading, caressing the entire body ... awaken our senses - from the sensible to the extrasensory

- as the receiving part, we practice to take in, relax, indulge, enjoy ... - as the given part, we learn soulful, sensitive to feel in what the other needs....

accompanied with fragrant coconut oil and sensible music.