Xplore Vienna 2013

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Dita Bi Teese


Her Workshops:

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Dita Bi Teese's nick obviously pays homage to the SM fetish icon of our days, Dita von Teese (along with Edward Blake). This ‘BDSM persona’ arose from the need of anonymity that was born from a different desire in a conservative society. As participant of the LGBTQ 90’s identity struggles in Spain she placed that political "bi" on the nick.
Perversion and feminism is a very attractive combination. BDSM and Feminism are a unity embodied in the utmost respect to the desire itself and for the others. She attends regularly play parties in Spain and abroad.

She has been engaged in the Spanish BDSM scene for years, organizing queer play parties for women and transgendered people, shibari (Dasniya Sommer) or squirting workshops, or supporting Madrid activism on polyamory, bdsm and sex-positive education. You can find her performing and training other people in lots of funny, public and private projects and events, together with e.g. artist Toxic Lesbian (video), Domina Azu or Ladyfest Madrid’s organizers.




Attachment - Kinky Ars Amandidita-bindung

This workshop tries to help you think about your kinky ‘ars amandi’ From a playful and feminist approach, we will mix everyday observation and subjective experience with the analysis of cultural representations relating to gender and sexual orientations, as well as the generation of a sexual identity.

With the goal of creating a space for critical reflection, individually and collectively, we will discuss and observe to promote the personal, and perhaps also artistical and political, expression and claim of this unique ‘ars amandi’.

Topics programmed: negotiation, roles, and how feminist subjects relate to non - egalitarian, intimate links, Non-dyadic attachments, partners, hierarchies and polyamory.













Pain Processingdita-pain

It does not hurt anymore

In Western society we have the consideration of pain as the state of non-health but sadomasochism enables us to shift the concept. We will share our experiences concerning 'normal' and 'erotic' pain and how we can go through pain to empowerment and enlightenment, as well as pain-relief. We will work on subjective meanings of pain by utilizing medical needles in different ways. This workshop whose leitmotiv is: “now it does not hurt anymore, it pleases me” will try to help you in how to process pain in order to empower you as a bottom and an individual.